Friday, May 28, 2021

Points going into this weekends races

 Its going to be a busy weekend at Gainesville Raceway where we could see some changes at the top of each class. Listed below are the top five racers in each class.

Super Pro:                                     
George, Brendan  337                        
Goolsby, Tim  306                          
Vazquez, Derek  276
Vazquez, Gary  235
Brewster, Derek  225

Duane, John 337
Renfroe, Ernie  326
Greene, Phil  317
George, Brendan  298
French, Michael  285

Parisi, Chris  340
Roberts, Monica  328
Pangilinan, Bart  277
Wrosch, Dennis  251
Salyers, Dan  245

Super Pro Bike:
Leachman, Dwayne  291
Schmidt, Duane Jr  249
DeLong, Scott  248
Hunt, Tim  247
Upthegrove, John  166

Pro Bike:
Hunt, Tim  281
DeLong, Scott  280
Schmidt, Duane Jr  247
Leachman, Dwayne  238
Upthegrove, John  185

Jr. Dragster:
Kennedy, Aaron  126
Owens, Cody  65
McLean, Kaden  57

Jr. Street:
Gatlin, PJ  109
Owens, Cody  87
Harris, Cody 25


Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Slicks and Radials test and tune

 Slicks and Radials test n tune this Saturday, January 23rd. Your chance to get your ride tuned up and ready for the second Summit points race coming up January 30th.  Gates open at 10:00 AAM. See you there.

Saturday, May 23, 2020